Creativity, attention to detail and a touch of glamour are the key words of Estilo, a production of inflatable boats by M.A.G. Boats for those who want to sail the sea with style and sporty attitude.

The Estilo project – which means style in Portuguese, the native language of the creator of the brand – was born from the over twenty years of experience of the company that has chosen to create an entire line of Italian inflatable boats with an attractive design and performance.

Estilo inflatable boats are designed to make navigation enjoyable, with a wide range of comforts on board and the possibility of total customisation. Available in different hull and engine variants, all Estilo inflatable boats are made with solid custom-made glass-resin hulls, which mount tubes in Hypalon neoprene, synthetic rubber with high performance of strength and reliability.

Not only safety and speed, but above all style, as the name suggests: the Estilo range stands out for its refined lines and total attention to detail, choosing among the best quality Made in Italy handmade finishes, whether it be precious woods, leather, accessories and technological instruments.

With Estilo, every beach holiday takes on a new flavour, combining the flexibility, reliability and practicality of an inflatable boat with the comfort and style of the most prestigious boats.

The production of M.A.G. Boats inflatable boats also includes numerous other types of boats: continue to navigate to discover them all.