M.A.G. Boats

M.A.G. Boats is an Italian company that has been active for over twenty years in the design and manufacture of inflatable boats and professional RIBs. The unique mix of creativity, attention to design, tech materials and processing systems that combine craftsmanship and technology, make M.A.G. Boats a secure reference point for the production of inflatable boats, the repair of inflatable boats and for a series of services dedicated to the nautical and industrial sector.

M.A.G. Boats produces exclusively Italian inflatable boats, 100% Made in Italy, with a particular specialisation in the field of professional RIBs, those called to work in the most extreme conditions and that, for these reasons, require qualities of absolute reliability.

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Professional dinghies are the main operating sector of M.A.G. Boats, specialised in the design and construction of work dinghies, military dinghies and rescue vessels for fleets of organisations and companies the world over.


Thanks to its extensive technical experience, M.A.G. Boats is the ideal partner for all maintenance interventions on RIBs and, in particular, offers a retubing service, i.e. replacement of inflatable boat tubes.


Starting from Hypalon neoprene M.A.G. Boats not only manufactures inflatables and tubes, but also a wide range of products for nautical and industrial use, for the most disparate of applications.


M.A.G. Boats is present globally thanks to the tight network of commercial contacts and, above all, thanks to the over twenty years of experience that have allowed the company and its brands…