M.A.G. Boats

M.A.G. Boats is an Italian company that brings together over twenty years of experience in the design, production and maintenance of professional RIBs and inflatable boats in Hypalon neoprene fabric, with highly technological solutions and the artisan quality of authentic Made in Italy.

The technical studio and the workshop of M.A.G. Boats follow every phase: the design and construction of tubes for inflatable boats, the development of the templates by means of three-dimensional modelling of the closed tube assisted by the computer, the assembly with a mix of craftsmanship and contemporary technologies.

All M.A.G. Boats inflatable boats are the result of passion and high technical competence: safety, reliability, design are the key words of the different ranges available (work vessels, rescue vessels, military vessels, inflatable pleasure boats).

M.A.G. Boats is a partner not only for production – even for third parties – but also for all maintenance operations, from repair to replacement of components, supporting the customer in all the needs related to the world of RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boats). The range of services includes after-sales assistance, storage even for prolonged periods, processing on the hulls and all the operations necessary to guarantee the customer the maximum from his experience at sea, whether for leisure or for professional reasons.