Thanks to its extensive technical experience, M.A.G. Boats is the ideal partner for all maintenance interventions on RIBs and, in particular, offers a retubing service, i.e. replacement of inflatable boat tubes.

Also known as retubing, the replacement of inflatable boat tubes is one of the most delicate interventions, because it involves work on the main element of the inflatable boat. This is an operation of great importance to ensure the safety of the inflatable boat in the long term, especially when it comes to professional vessels, often subjected to extreme conditions and more subject to intense wear.

In general, the replacement of the inflatable boat tubes is suggested when one begins to see the internal texture, a sign that the rubber has reached a state of excessive wear. Also as a result of major shocks or extensive damage, retubing is advisable. If the inflatable boat is very old and maybe one prefers to switch to a more reliable and high-performance technology with Hypalon neoprene, the replacement becomes an indispensable process to continue sailing in total safety.

turnkey solutions…

Nautical design

Nautical design for M.A.G. Boats means technology, quality, attention to detail. M.A.G. Boats, in fact, does not only deal with the creation of inflatable boats made in Italy and tubes in Hypalon neoprene, but thanks to its extensive experience, offers a 360° nautical design service.

professional ribs

Professional RIB

Professional RIBs – that stands for “Rigid Inflatable Boats” – are the main operating sector of M.A.G. Boats, specialised in the design and construction of work and military RIBs and rescue vessels for fleets of organisations and companies the world over.