M.A.G. Boats, among the many nautical services made available to its customers, is highly specialised in the repair of inflatable boat tubes.

Thanks to the vast experience and the use of the best technological solutions available today, M.A.G. Boats intervenes on tubes and templates starting from the three-dimensional modelling of the closed tube assisted by the computer, then developing the intervention according to algorithms and precise mathematical formulas, so as to guarantee effectiveness and efficiency.

The artisan know-how of the technicians, the consulting approach and the meticulous attention to every detail, make M.A.G. Boats a secure benchmark for any maintenance need, including processing on the hulls and other parts of the boats.

Repairing the tubes of inflatable boats and other types of repairs, in fact, are very delicate operations, on which the safety of the boat largely depends: periodically checking the state of wear and intervening promptly, in fact, makes it possible to always navigate in absolute tranquillity, but also to extend the life of the inflatable boat, always allowing it optimal operation.