M.A.G. in the world

M.A.G. Boats, specialised in the production of professional RIBs and inflatable boats, is present globally thanks to the tight network of commercial contacts and, above all, thanks to the over twenty years of experience that have allowed the company and its brands to cross the planet bringing innovative technology and Made in Italy artisan know-how to every sea.

M.A.G. in the world, moreover, is also a precise value, a style of organisation and design that looks to the future and, above all, outside the traditional schemes and boundaries, always looking for new solutions, new ideas, new technological perspectives, so as to offer its customers the maximum in terms of safety, reliability, quality and refinement of the lines.

Thanks to its international focus since its foundation, M.A.G. Boats is used to mixing influences and always trying to go further, not stopping, but instead following the main characteristic of water, its ability to continuously change and adapt itself to whatever it encounters, but always decisively, with strength.