Industrial sector

Starting from Hypalon neoprene — and from PVC — M.A.G. Boats not only manufactures inflatables and tubes, but also a wide range of products for nautical and industrial use, for the most disparate of applications. The use of Hypalon neoprene is a precise technological choice, dictated by the desire to apply the most innovative, reliable and safe technological solutions.

Among the applications for the industrial sector available:

  • inflatable structures for exposures, vehicle shelter or other functions;
  • dams to create small reservoirs of water, useful for the irrigation of fields;
  • multifunctional protective barriers to stem the spread of floating pollutants (e.g. hydrocarbons);
  • inflatable embankments that come into operation in case of flooding;
  • swimming pools also large, temporary or permanent ones;
  • temporary multi-purpose piers or for pleasure boats;
  • furnishings — especially outdoor ones — such as chairs, armchairs, tables, sofas;
  • nautical and docking covers.

The Hypalon neoprene with which the products for nautical and industrial use are made is a synthetic rubber with unique properties:

  • it is extremely weatherproof: it is not very sensitive to the oxidising effects of ozone and those of ultraviolet rays; two of the main causes of material degradation; the physical properties of its vulcanised compounds react optimally;
  • it has an excellent behaviour at extreme temperatures: it is normally suitable for use in a range that goes from -40°C to +150°C, but with specific vulcanisation processes, it can also operate with different limits;
  • it has a high resistance to heat and flames: it is an elastomer suitable for operating at high temperatures, also because its tensile strength tends to increase with increasing heat and, at the same time, the elongation at break decreases;
  • it is very resistant to chemical agents, thanks to the reduced risk of oxidation and unique physical properties, it is ideal for remaining in prolonged contact with oils — even hot oils, hydrocarbons, etc.;
  • it is practically immune to the attack of fungi and bacteria, as well as to all kinds of stains, making it an ideal material for withstanding all environmental situations;
  • it has a great mechanical strength: it has an excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, tearing, crushing;
  • starting from its starting colour (white) it can easily be realised in practically every shade in existence, without affecting its properties in any way.

M.A.G. Boats also uses PVC, a versatile, long-lasting and safe material, which has an excellent cost/performance ratio.